Creso is developing products in five key categories. Within each category, individual products are designed to leverage the best that cannabis has to offer in enhancing the lives of people and animals. Products are based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) grown cannabis and hemp while being produced according to the highest quality standards using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities where appropriate. They yield a standardised dose and formulation, and conform to local regulations in their respective markets. To learn more about the Creso product portfolio pipeline, click the link below:

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Creso Therapeutics are designed to treat medical conditions under the supervision of a physician.

Many existing treatments for pain can have severe side effects and can only be used safely for a short period of time. Cannabinoid-based therapies work differently allowing for effectiveness in individuals whose needs have not been met by conventional therapies.

Cannabinoids include the compounds THC (hallucinogenic) and CBD (non-hallucinogenic). These can influence both the body’s natural endogenous receptors that mediate some of the pharmacological effects of cannabinoids (the endocannabinoid system) and also work through a number of other natural systems to assist in the management of chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, stress and anxiety, as well as many other medical conditions.

Creso Animal Health products aim to assist in the health and wellbeing of animals.

Many of the current products on the market designed for this purpose have side effects and limited efficacy. Many are repurposed human treatments with limited adequacy for animals needs. Creso recognises that animals, including pets, have an endocannabinoid system similar to humans and can therefore enjoy similar benefits from cannabinoids of the cannabis and hemp plants.

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Creso Nutraceutical Products aim to assist in reducing stress and pain while supporting the ongoing mental health and wellbeing of people.

Modern life can be challenging with stressors, mild pain, and immune challenges conspiring to throw the body out of balance. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the body’s regulators of homeostasis (internal balance). While other products may assist in this area, demand for nutraceuticals in particular are forecasted to radically grow due to ageing populations and the desire to live a healthy life, while avoiding synthetic drugs.

Creso’s cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals supplement the body’s natural cannabinoids and assists the ECS in regulating the homeostasis. This helps restore balance and allows individuals to lead more fulfilling lifestyles.

*This site is based in Europe and not all information may be relevant to your country.

Creso Skin Care Products are designed to support skin health and enhance its appearance.

Existing skin care products can be harsh and lead to unwanted side effects in pursuit of their goals. Creso's skin care products, rich in cannabinoids leverage the endocannabinoid system to achieve the same goals without the use of harsh chemicals. Receptors for cannabinoids are spread throughout the entire body, including the skin, and can effectively reduce oil secretion while simultaneously acting as an anti-bacterial agent and antioxidant.

Creso Lifestyle Products are designed to enhance day-to-day enjoyment.

Cannabis contains hundreds of components beyond the compounds THC (hallucinogenic) and CBD (non-hallucinogenic), some of which give it a pleasant smell and have biological effects in their own right. For example, terpenes are essential oils found in the cannabis plant that offer a variety of smells, tastes and health benefits. Combining different terpenes with existing food and beverages creates a whole world of new products that deliver a uniquely enjoyable experience.