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Our Vision and Strategy


Creso was founded on the belief that the cannabis space required pharmaceutical expertise and methodological rigour to deliver better health outcomes in people and animals. By developing, registering and commercialising a range of well-tolerated, standardised products produced to the highest quality that are rich in cannabinoids and administered through the latest delivery techniques, Creso seeks to become the world’s most trusted supplier of cannabis and hemp derived products.

Creso Pharma’s Intellectual Property and marketing strategy will help identify global opportunities related to the company’s line of activity: its formulations, delivery platforms, and the therapeutic uses of its cannabinoid-rich products.

Strategy - The Creso System

The Creso System is a business strategy designed to develop innovative products by combining:

  • Cannabis and hemp ingredients

  • Pharmaceutical and cannabis expertise

  • Novel proprietary technologies for manufacturing and delivery

  • Regulatory approvals

  • Key strategic partnerships

The resulting product innovations can either be produced through manufacturing partners under the Creso brand, or partner branded with the Creso Trustmark.

Creso’s strategy is to identify global areas of opportunity, which fall under these five key areas and apply the system to create new opportunities for expansion.