When did Creso become a publicly listed company?

  • 20th October, 2016

What are Creso’s head office contact details?

  • Registered Office: 4/11 Ventnor Avenue, West Perth, WA, 6005

  • Sydney Head Office: Level 24, Tower 3, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW, 2000

Who manages the share register?

  • Click here to proceed to the Automic website.

 How can I buy and sell Creso shares?

  • Creso shares can be traded using a broker or online trading platforms.


How can I obtain an annual report?


How do I obtain a copy of the prospectus?


How can I follow Creso’s share price activity?

  • Click here to see our Investor page.


In which countries does Creso have trading activities?

  • Currently Creso has business activities in Australia, Canada, Columbia and Switzerland.


What is the ASX Creso brands ticker code?

  • CPH & CPHO


Where do I find information about my shareholding?

  • Click here to proceed to the Automic website. You will then require an investor login.


Where can I find the latest financial information for Creso?

  • Click here to see out Investor page.


Where can I find details of upcoming events in the financial calendar?

  • Click here to see our Investor page.


What is Creso’s financial year end?

  • 31st December


Who are the auditors for Creso?

  • RSM Australia Partners.


What is the privacy policy for Creso?

  • Click here to access our Privacy Policy.


Where can I find your corporate governance policy?

  • Click here to download our Corporate Governance Policy.


What is the dividend policy?

  • No policy is planned at this time.


Who is the company secretary?

  • Erlyn Dale & Winton Willesee