Business Partners

What type of ingredients does Creso have access to?

Creso has access to a broad range of cannabis-derived ingredients. This ranges from a broad spectrum of full plant hemp extracts to various isolates.


What type of technologies does Creso have access to?

Creso is working with a wide range of technology partners, all with the same common goal – to deliver the best of cannabis for people and animals. Our partnerships span all our activity areas from therapeutic applications to skin care and foods and beverages to animal health.


What is the advantage of partnering with Creso?

The cannabis industry is predicted to achieve strong double-digit growth over the coming years, representing significant opportunity for all stakeholders. Creso is an established, global leader in cannabidiol (CBD) innovation. Our unique approach to combining the best of cannabis with leading technologies enables us to deliver innovative products with wide patient reach for human and animal health. Creso has an established, global footprint and is looking to continue building partnerships, which deliver on our promise to consumers.


In what countries does Creso operate?

Creso is an Australian listed company with a global presence.


Who can I contact for partnerships?

Please contact us via email by clicking here.