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About Creso Pharma: Canada

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The Creso Pharma Canadian Facility Highlights:

  • A purpose-built, highly efficient indoor cultivation facility

  • 10 acre parcel of land

  • Capable of accommodating up to 200,000 sq feet of cultivation.

  • The facility includes many cultivation and automation technologies

  • Designed to meet European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification standards

  • Currently accommodates a two-tier grow room with the capacity to yield in excess of 4,000 kgs of cannabis annually.

  • Facility will service the Canadian adult use and medicinal marketplace with super premium flowers and value-added products.

  • Manufacturing of Creso’s current edible product formats sold globally for the Canadian marketplace.

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Creso Canada from Above

Windsor, Novia Scotia

Facility Capabilities

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What We Are Growing

The facility has been custom designed for the unique requirements of growing cannabis. Creso Canada has the ability to provide the best growing environment with a combination of a complete and flexible computer controlled systems for watering schedules, nutrient cycles, fresh air exchange, lighting and temperature and humidity control. This controlled environment produces pharmaceutical grade cannabis at a low production cost per gram.

Product Offering


Canada’s Market Watch

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