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The proven benefits of cannabis

Cannabis and the related hemp plant have been used by many cultures throughout human history for medicinal and industrial benefits. For many years, research into the benefits of cannabis was hampered by widespread prohibition due to the hallucinogenic effect of one of its components, Δ9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Only recently have researchers been able to demonstrate the surprising efficacy and safety of the use of cannabis, and low THC hemp derived products.

The Opportunity

As knowledge of the benefits of cannabis and low THC hemp has expanded, so has demand. Coupled with a worldwide wave of changes in regulation, the market is estimated to grow to $31 billion dollars within 3 years (Brightfield Report cited in Financial Post).

Cannabis and hemp contain over 110 different compounds known as cannabinoids, as well as essential oils called terpenes. Products containing cannabinoids and terpenes have broad therapeutic and lifestyle applications through their interactions with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Plant-based cannabinoids assist the human endocannabinoid system in its role of maintaining balance, or homeostasis throughout the body. Cannabinoid based therapies have been shown to assist with a wide range of symptoms for pain, anxiety, metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

Why Creso is best positioned to deliver success

From the outset, Creso’s goal has been to become the world’s most trusted supplier of cannabis and hemp derived products. The company’s experienced pharmaceutical leadership team have an unparalleled track record of success commercialising a wide range of pharmaceutical and therapeutic solutions.

Creso can deliver products with standardised dosing and formulations through the application of pharmaceutical rigour, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards when appropriate and proprietary, innovative delivery technologies.

As a global company, Creso is not limited by any single market. This enables Creso to offer a diverse portfolio of solutions to the widest possible population.

By partnering with leading global companies in critical areas of research and product development, manufacturing and distribution, Creso has been able to accelerate the development and distribution of approved products allowing for broad access by patients and consumers.

A better way to enhance health

Creso products are produced to the highest quality standards and can be recognised through the Creso Trustmark.

Creso is developing products in five key areas:

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